Home Mission Assignment

The month of February & March we were in the United States completing our first ever HMA, Home Missions Assignment. HMA is designed for missionaries to return to their home country and reconnect with supporters, supporting churches, raise additional funds needed in order to stay on their field of service, and to get some rest. The length of time a missionary is on HMA depends on the missions organization requirements and on how much money the missionary needs to raise.

In a period of two months we tried to do what most missionaries would take six months to a year to do. It was exhausting, but also very rewarding to reconnect with people & churches that we love dearly.

Here is the breakdown of our trip:

*We visited 5 different churches and traveled to 4 different states

* We spoke on a radio show about the importance of cross-cultural communication (click on the link to listen if you missed it! We come in at the 30 minute mark)

*Attended a missions conference at Christ Community Church in Carmel, Indiana, where we were able to reconnect with other MTW missionaries that serve in other parts of the world.

*Gave a presentation about our work in Mexico approx. 15 times.

*Went out to lunch/dinner with current supporters and friends that we haven’t seen in a long time approx. 20 times

* Got our family pictures taken by the amazing Nathan & Ashley Siner from The Siners photography. Check out their blog. The Siners are awesome!


*Shared our love for Mexico & missions with two different youth groups and at an elementary missionary club (which Mateo was a part of the year we left for Colombia!)

*Spent a few days on the beach in Florida with our best friends!

We arrived back to Mexico exhausted, but with full hearts and very thankful for the experience. We want to welcome our new supporters and say thank you once again to those who have been with us for some time now!

Enjoy the pictures! Thanks for joining us on this journey!


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