Life in Guad #1

When we lived in Bogotá, I did a blog series called “Things You See in Bogotá.” The series highlighted the different kinds of things that you see there that we do not necessarily see in the United States of America, or more specifically, in the Midwest.

I’ve decided that it is time to start my Mexico version of that blog series. This time it’ll be called “Life in Guad” and it will feature things we see all of the time that have become totally normal to us now (like 5 people on one motorcycle!), people we love, foods we eat, lessons about the culture & language, etc. Our hope is that this blog series will give you, our readers, a true glimpse into our lives here in Guadalajara!

So here is the first post of “Life in Guad” and yes, of course, it is about FOOD!

We LOVE Mexican food! I grew up eating homemade tortillas, chicken & rice & beans, fajitas, carne asada, and chorizo & eggs. But as I got older, meat started to gross me out. So at 17 years old, I stopped eating red meat, pork, & sea food. I still eat chicken, although I am very picky about it. And I do like turkey bacon 😉

I knew enough about Latin American culture before moving to Mexico that food is an important part of relationship building & that refusing to eat something that someone has made for you is extremely offensive. So I prayed….a lot. The last thing I wanted to do is offend someone because I don’t eat meat. I have asked the Lord to simply help me eat what I have to eat in the times that I have to eat something that I absolutely hate. And trust me…there have been those times.

Like the other day when I ate “escamoles”, a Mexican delicacy known to most of you as “ANT EGGS.”

Look like cous cous right???


Well trust me…I love cous cous and escamoles do not taste the same! The only way I was able to get this down is because I ate it with guacamole & a tortilla. Answered prayer. Thank you Lord.

Also that day I had to eat a pork taco…but we won’t talk about that anymore. I’m still scarred.

So how can someone who hates meat love Mexican food?

Well…have you ever tried a tlacoyo? It is like a super thick tortilla. Top it with cactus & guacamole and eat it with beans….delicious!


What about molletes? How can you go wrong with bread, beans, cheese, and pico de gallo? You just can’t. Trust me.


Chilaquiles for breakfast? They look like a version of nachos…and they basically are. You can get them plain or topped with egg or chicken. Every bite is an explosion of so much yummy flavor!


And of course…tamales! Most people don’t know that tamales can be made sweet as well. I’ve tried pineapple, coconut, strawberry, chocolate, & cranberry.


There is a lady that sells tamales on the street near our house for $10 pesos each. They. Are. Amazing. Every single night she sets up her table, unloads her van with huge pots of piping hot, fresh tamales and proceeds to make a killing! People stand in line for hours to get her tamales. The first time I went, my friend & I stood in the rain for an hour! It was worth it.

Of course, Matt & Mateo love the tacos here! Tacos de arrachera, de chorizo, y pastor. Basically translated….meat, meat, & meat!

This is what tacos in Mexico look like:


Contrary to popular belief…tacos are not made with cheese! Just a corn tortilla, meat, onion, cilantro, and of course, lime. (or as we say here…lemon 🙂 )

As with the ant eggs, there are delicacies here that I most definitely do not want to voluntarily try because of the “gross factor”. Matt got brave the other day and ordered “crickets” with the guacamole.


Yep…gross. Matt ate many. Mateo tried one. I tried zero.

Then there is “pulpo”….which I’ll let you guess by the picture what it is.


Praying right now that I never, ever, have to try it.

So as you can see, there is a variety of food in Mexico that is both yummy & in my opinion…gross. (and I haven’t even told you about how they use ALL of the parts of the cow in their soups & stuff. And when I say all…I mean ALL.)

Because I try to be a “healthy eater” overall…I am extremely grateful that fruits & vegetables here are dirt cheap and super fresh. Most nights…this is what you would see in my kitchen:


That’s some goodness right there!

Come visit us and we promise to feed you some super yummy Mexican food! And if you are an adventurous eater…you may end up eating a cow tongue, a cricket, or some octopus!


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